Why join Resilient Society?

We are ResilientSociety, a coalition of universities, companies, governments and many other organisations.

We bring people from around the world together so that they can effectively combine their creativity, expertise, resources, entrepreneurial spirit and insights to develop new ideas, understandings, products and services. These can be presented as business cases, new knowledge and/or open source solutions. To this end, we offer an online platform to engage our community of members and partners in both online and offline collaboration.

Academics and firms tackling the societal challenges bought about by the covid-19 crisis. Launch the platform and dive in!is a platform of initiatives, academics and firms tackling the societal challenges bought about by the covid-19 crisis. Launch the platform and dive in!

“In one of the most challenging events in decades we need an abundance of creative solutions to recover and thrive with our societies.”

  • We bring together a community of people from businesses, universities, healthcare institutes, investors, governmental and non-governmental organisations.
  • We review and present high quality, viable, need oriented solutions for urgent and long term challenges and opportunities.
  • We facilitate requests for support from the community, regarding partners, ideas and other resources.
  • We support in finding private or public funding for their activities
  • We facilitate (online) cocreation sessions, or as a partner you can learn how to do this yourself.

What topics? Covid-19 and beyond.

We focus on all sorts of societal challenges. From the start in 2020 the urgent focus has been on Covid-19 response, covering very diverse topics, including but not limited to Elderly care and other vulnerable groups, First response in health care, Food Security, Finance, Public Transport, Digital Government, Public Space, Culture, Entertainment, Leisure and Sports, Safety & Security (Digital & non-digital), Education, Tourism, Policies & Programmes.

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Share your research outcomes for a wider audience to facilitate uptake and use.

Find end-users early on for your research to create a stronger project.

Contribute to projects via the cocreation portal with your expertise, resources or your students.

Find interesting graduation projects or internships for your students.

Find partners to test your prototypes or hypotheses in real life settings.

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Public Officials

Find support in defining your - often still uncertain challenge, moderated by us and with key stakeholders.

Send out a call for ideas to tackle your defined challenge via ResilientSociety.

Use the various (online) methods to take the first steps towards developing the concrete solutions.

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Offer your specific (in kind) services and resources to the community.

Share the problems you encounter during the pandemic to find a coalition of partners that have an interest and the means to work on a solution.

Find opportunities for new customers and/or new products and services by responding to calls for ideas.

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Innovation Managers

Find inspiration, ideas, insights and possible solutions to fuel your innovation challenges.

Partner with universities, startups and governments, either to solve your own challenges or help them solve theirs.

Share outcomes or solutions created by your organisation for wider use and uptake, for instance in the international webinars we organise.

Take part in the online moderator trainings we organise so that you can moderate such cocreation sessions yourself with our templates.

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Problem Owners

Share specific problems or challenges you have as a Project with the partners and members on the platform. Together with our team we can select the best set of methodologies to take action.

Join us by subscribing on InnovationCast or contact us at info@resilientsociety.nl for support requests.