All questions and answers about Resilient Society.

How is ResilientSociety funded?

So far the out of pocket costs to create the platform have been funded by a limited number of founding partners. Most of the work has been done by volunteering students from the Dutch Universities and some employees of the founding partners. No structural funds have been contributed thus far.

Will all outcomes be made available open source?

The aim of ResilientSociety is to make created solutions as widely available as possible. This does not always mean that opensource is the best route to take. New findings can be shared very well and effectively as a business case via existing or new companies (startups). Therefore, both Open Source and as a commercial product or service are viable outcomes for ResilientSociety, also depending on the nature of the developed solution and participating partners.

How does ResilientSociety deal with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)?

As with traditional (off line) cocreation projects, participating partners should think about protecting their interests when they enter such a process. It is the partners own responsibility to choose what they can share in a cocreation process or when they would opt on signing a Nondisclosure Agreement at the start of a cocreation process to protect potential outcomes. ResilientSociety will only facilitate various forms of coming together. We will not take ownership of any generated IP, nor will we be responsible for infringed IPR or outcomes being published before people file for protective measures. It will be up to the participating members or partners to work in the community taking their own organisation’s IPR regulations into account.

How can ResilientSociety help me?

ResilientSociety offers various forms of cocreation methods and brings together an international community of innovators with a very diverse background to support you with expertise, testing opportunities, early feedback, resources etc.

Can I apply for funding with ResilientSociety?

No. The ResilientSociety community collects interesting funding opportunities at the Funding Channel and we are working on collaboration with professional crowdfunding platforms, but we do not offer funds directly from the platform.

How can I contribute to the community?

Everyone can join the community by registering here. If you want to become a reviewer for the platform and see all the incoming projects, review them and give early support, reach out to us via